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By: Igba Ogbole
Director, News and Current Affairs
Radio Benue Makurdi, Nigeria

Let the world spread the word
let the ears hear
there is poison in the air
and our debt is death

as the lung is elongated
by the torrents of tiny particles
sucked in in every breathe
invading the brain
offensively pelting the heart
oftentimes invisible yet everywhere

okwungege sounds the battle cry
okpachina summons the world to combat
okwurube commands action
to beat air pollution

walk to work
circle to circulate around your world
refuse to burn that refuse
grin from ear to ear
as you green your environment
and ease the groans of mother nature

like the wedlock of the flora and fauna
connect to mother nature
the best assurance to a better future
be warned, there is no warmth in pollution.
Happy World Environment Day

STEi Foundation

Greening the Environment and Empowering the People







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